FACT: Statistics show that nearly 70% of life insurance policies can be improved!

How are your life insurance policies doing?

  • Have your premiums increased or has your death benefit or cash value dropped?
  • Is your term policy soon to expire?

Don't wait until you receive a notice of lapse or required increased premium before acting on it! Get a free, no-obligation checkup today and find out what your options are now.

Did you know?...

  • Over 60% of in-force policies more than 10 years old can be improved by a contemporary policy.
  • Awareness of your options is invaluable information for proper decision making.
  • Recent underwriting improvements may help qualify you for increased coverage and/or decreased premiums.
  • Most Universal and Variable life Insurance policies have no guarantees, and become problematic as time passes... death benefits can be reduced and/or increased premiums may be necessary.
  • It is estimated that up to 20% of policies more than 10 years old have a beneficiary designation that is either to a deceased or divorced spouse.
  • Many life insurance policies become problematic as we age; when we need them the most; they can expire, run out of cash or have death benefits reduced or require unexpected, increased premiums.
  • Universal life policies, if improperly structured, may run out of money and/or death benefit far sooner than expected.
  • Variable life insurance policies are the riskiest of all and typically do not perform as anticipated or expected.
  • Variable life insurance policies may become highly problematic as we age.
  • Cash value life insurance policies owned in trust may not be the best leverage of premium dollars to meet your intended goals.
  • Some life insurance policies offer riders to access death benefits while still alive to pay for long-term care needs