FACT: Statistics show that nearly 70% of life insurance policies can be improved!

What is a life insurance checkup?

“You should periodically review an updated policy illustration to better understand your policy's values and guarantees.”

Statements similar to this one are written in the life insurance policies of many of the major, well-known carriers. They insert this sound advice for a reason – to prompt you to review your policy and be aware.

This task is often overlooked, and when it happens too late, the results can be devastating. Be aware of your policy and know what it is expected to look like into the future.

When I conduct a free life insurance review, I request the appropriate documents from your insurance company to analyze your policy closely from several perspectives. I will help you to understand:

  • if your policy has any anticipated, projected or future issues
  • what adjustments can be made to address these concerns
  • how to boost the performance of your policy and/or cash value
  • what the best course of action to consider is

It is critical to know your options and alternatives.

Sometimes it is better to replace a life insurance policy than to continue with one that will run out of protection sooner than you might think.