FACT: Statistics show that nearly 70% of life insurance policies can be improved!

Success Stories

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Insured: 55 year old female

Current policy facts:

  • $300,000 universal life insurance policy
  • Current cash value of ~$30,000
  • Premiums are set at $1497/yr
  • Issued at preferred NT in 1995

Client perception:

  • Pay premiums timely and policy will remain in force for life
  • Future cash values may be withdrawn for any purpose

Facts revealed by check up:

  • Cash value is slated to decrease to $0 by age 75 if she continues to pay current premium (at current interest rate)
  • Policy will lapse when cash value goes to $0 (unless premiums are increased)
  • To maintain current coverage to age 100, premiums need to increase to $4990/year now (still non-guaranteed)

Options & Resolution:

  • Increase current policy premiums to $4090 going forward to keep the non-guaranteed policy


  • Move the current policy cash value (tax free) from this policy to a new one (known as a 1035 exchange)
  • A new $300,000 policy is issued with an annual premium of $2040/year
  • Policy death benefit and premiums are now guaranteed to age 120