FACT: Statistics show that nearly 70% of life insurance policies can be improved!

Success Stories

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Insured: 55 year old male

Current policy facts:

  • $900,000 universal life insurance policy
  • Paying target premium of $3500/yr for many years
  • Current cash value of ~$2,700
  • Issued at preferred in 1988

Client perception:

  • Pay timely premiums and the policy will remain in force for life
  • Future cash values will grow and may be withdrawn for any purpose

Facts revealed by check up:

  • Policy cash values are declining due to poor interest rates (now at the minimum 3% guaranteed rate)
  • Cash value is slated to drop to less than $700 within 5 years if he continues to pay current premium
  • Company suggests he increase his premium to $14,500 to retain coverage for an unspecified time frame in a non-guaranteed environment
  • If he continues to pay his $3500/yr premium, his death benefit will drop to less than $250,000 within 5 years and less than $150,000 within 10 years (This is all a problem!)

Options & Resolution:

  • Increase his current premium drastically


  • Replace old policy with a new $200,000 guaranteed UL policy at $2800/yr...completely guaranteed with a AAA rated company to age 120
  • Augment with an additional $1,100,000 15 year term policy