FACT: Statistics show that nearly 70% of life insurance policies can be improved!

About Aaron Beaudette

Aaron Beaudette has been working in the insurance industry since 1990 and has been licensed to market life insurance since 1993. Having worked with many different insurance companies over the years, he has reviewed several thousand policies. His familiarity with the diversity of products, configurations, and applications of life insurance is extensive. Currently working with nearly 50 insurance carriers, he is quite familiar with the advantages of one company over the other for the individual needs and objectives of his clients.

Preferring to work much like a physician – examination, diagnosis, treatment – he offers a free policy checkup with an unbiased, global perspective and no allegiance to any particular company or product. What is in the best interest of his clients is priority with each and every policy discussed.

Whether you are a fiduciary, policy owner, insured, or business owner, he will help you optimize your life insurance premiums to assure you are receiving the most for your dollars while meeting your goals. If your policy is owned personally, in trust, or by your company, he will treat each case with the utmost respect and integrity. Quite simply, it will cost you nothing for this peace of mind, and we might just help you make significant improvements with your life insurance program.

In addition to providing personal, individualized attention to each and every case, he works in association with a team of support professionals known as brokers. This team is comprised of hundreds of specialists each with a respective area of expertise and years of experience – critical in obtaining the proper information and aid in this complex, financial environment.

Bringing a humanist’s touch to this industry, he considers each situation as if it were his own, asking himself what he would do if this were his position.